I'm Quitting Heroing Dub Release Date: When Will it Be Dubbed in English?

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I'm Quitting Heroing Dub Release Date
Credit: EMT Sqaured

I'm Quitting Heroing might not be the Spring 2022 Season's most groundbreaking anime. It is, however, an interesting deconstruction of the chosen one archetype, featuring a demonized hero who is expelled from his community and resolves to join the dark side, whether the dark side wants him or not. But will I'm Quitting Heroing be dubbed in English?

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I'm Quitting Heroing: What Is It About?

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Credit: EMT Squared

I'm Quitting Heroing, also known as Yuusha Yamemasu is based on a science fantasy light novel series written by Quantum and illustrated by Hana Amano.

In its medievalist and simultaneously futuristic world, hero Leo Demonheart has defeated the Demon Queen Echidna, who now resides in Demon World - a polluted wasteland.

But Leo cannot enjoy his victory fully, as people are now fearful of his power and believe that he'll become the next Demon King.

Ostracized and hated by his fellow humans, Leo approaches Echidna and offers to help her rebuild her army. While the Queen instantly declines, her four generals agree to cooperate with Leo behind her back.

Posing as a masked knight named Onyx. Leo begins to solve the Demon Army's many challenges, gradually improving life for Echidna's forces.

In doing so, he's hoping not only to start anew but also to find out why Echidna started a war in the first place.

When Will I'm Quitting Heroing Be Dubbed in English?

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Credit: EMT Squared

At the time of writing, I'm Quitting Heroing is one of the few spring 2022 anime shows that are not currently being dubbed in English or simuldubbed.

There is also no dub release date as of June 2022, though many fans hope this will soon change.

Most cultural activities are now back to normal after the previous two years had many covid-related delays. Even so, the case remains that not all anime can be dubbed while still airing.

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Lately, the fantasy anime has gained some momentum, so it wouldn't be unfathomable for it to get the dub treatment at some point after the Japanese version completes its original run. In fact, this happens quite often and it might well be the case with I'm Quitting Heroing too.


If an English dub is announced, this space will be updated with more information, so stay tuned.

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