HyunA, Dawn Engagement 2022: Is Couple’s Betrothal True? Former Reporter Shares Doubts

Credit: KOCOWA TV/Screenshot

Credit: KOCOWA TV/Screenshot

HyunA and Dawn surprised everyone with the news that they’re already engaged. However, a former entertainment reporter questioned its truth, asking if the engagement were true or just for show.

Famed YouTuber Lee Jin Ho posted a video titled HyunA and Dawn’s Marriage Announcement Mystery, on YouTube. Here, he tried to investigate the real deal about the couple’s engagement.

The Investigation about HyunA and Dawn’s Engagement

Lee Jin Ho first noticed the two’s posts to announce their betrothment, per AllKpop. First, Dawn posted a photo of an engagement on Instagram with a caption, saying, “MARRY ME.”

Second, HyunA answered her boyfriend’s post by writing, “Of course, it’s a yes,” in her own post. Surely, this is a clear indication that the couple is now getting ready to get married.

However, the YouTuber saw some “questionable parts” of it. He believed their agency, P Nation, wasn’t aware of the proposal announcement and wasn’t even “agreed upon in advance.”

"If the proposal was done under the agreement with the agency, the agency would have released an official statement announcing the proposal of the two artists,” Lee Jin Ho explained. “However, the agency only released a statement saying they are currently confirming the facts. This means that it was not agreed upon."

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So why does that matter? The social media personality explained the agencies usually take charge of the wedding.

“This arbitrary announcement with the agreement from the agency might break the trust between the artist and company,” he further elaborated.

With that being said, Lee Jin Ho couldn’t confirm if HyunA and Dawn’s proposal was only part of a performance or already an official announcement of their engagement.

"HyunA and Dawn were kicked out from Cube Entertainment back in 2018 after the two admitted to their relationship and had to go through hard times,” he continued. “Therefore, I wish that the two are now able to settle down and continue their love with much support."

The Announcement of HyunA and Dawn’s Engagement

Dawn first announced his engagement with HyunA on Instagram on Feb. 3. He posted a video and photos of themselves wearing matching engagement rings.

On the other hand, the Wonder Girls’ former member also did the same and gave her followers a glimpse of their matching rings.

According to Soompi, the controversial couple has been in a relationship since 2018, though they started dating in 2016. Though they tried to hide their romance at first, they eventually admitted it in public.

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Since then, they have been showing major PDA, whether in public or on social media. They were previously under Cube Entertainment and left to sign under PSY’s own record label, P Nation, which they had been part of since 2019.

Now, all eyes are on Dawn and HyunA and their upcoming wedding day.

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