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HyunA And Dawn Show Off Matching Engagement Rings Through Instagram Posts

Credit: HyunA YouTube Channel/YouTube Screenshot

HyunA and DAWN are getting ready for another milestone in their relationship as the couple announced their engagement through a series of Instagram posts.

On February 3, the six-year idol couple swept the internet as DAWN shared a meaningful post on his personal Instagram account. The said post sees a video and a photo with the caption “MARRY ME.”

Fans and the general public, alike, immediately bombarded the comment section with questions regarding the singer-songwriter’s post.

Many have assumed that it was a public proposal to HyunA, and it shows at how romantic the video was.

In particular, DAWN shared a video of his hand wearing an adorable ring which was then joined by HyunA’s hand, who is also wearing the same. The next photo sees the engagement rings on their blue and pink boxes.

HyunA responds to DAWN’s proposal

HyunA and DAWN continued to be on top of search results and trending topics when the former also shared posts on her personal Instagram account.

Specifically, HyunA reposted DAWN’s earlier video with the caption, “Of course, yes.” This became a confirmation that the couple was already engaged.

HyunA then followed up with another Instagram post saying thank you to her partner. Through this romantic revelation, the general public was more than excited to hear more about the engagement and, of course, if the wedding day is already settled.

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HyunA and DAWN break the Kpop industry dating norm

In 2018, HyunA and DAWN left Cube Entertainment after a news outlet exposed their relationship and some internal conflicts with the company.

Initially, Cube Entertainment denied the dating rumors, but HyunA and DAWN (who then goes by the stage name E’Dawn) went on an exclusive interview with Yonhap News to admit that their relationship began in May 2016.

The two signed with P Nation the following year and became more public about their relationship.

In particular, HyunA and DAWN collaborated on September 2021 for the duet EP 1+1=1. The couple also releases several photos of themselves here and there through their personal Instagram accounts, which shows off their lovey-dovey side, breaking the dating norm in the Kpop industry.

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