Hyun Bin Revelation: Confidential Assignment 2 Star Gets Candid About Fatherhood, Married Life

Credit: CJ ENM / YouTube screenshot

Credit: CJ ENM / YouTube screenshot

Hyun Bin expressed his excitement for the much-awaited movie Confidential Assignment 2 and talks about the changes in his personal life.

Ahead of the premier, the Hallyu star appeared at the press conference along with his co-stars Yoo Hae Jin, Girls’ Generation, YoonA, Jin Seok Kyu, and director Lee Seok Hoon.

Hyun Bin on Being Married and Soon-to-be Father

As obtained by AllKpop, Hyun Bin took the opportunity to thank fans for the support and congratulatory messages he received during the milestones in his life.

"There are no particular things that have changed due to my personal matters,” he said, adding “The things that I am looking more forward to and am more worried about is that I want my projects to receive a lot of love.”

It can be recalled that the actor got married on March 31 in a private ceremony at the picturesque Aston House of the Grand Walkerhill Seoul Hotel, attended by only 300 guests, the majority were their family, relatives and few friends.

Three months later, Hyun Bin’s wife, Son Ye Jin, took to Instagram and announced that she is pregnant with their first child.

At the time, the actress chose to “share some joyful news” with her fans, revealing that “a new life has come” to the couple.

“I’m still a bit dazed, but I am feeling changes in my body every day with concern and excitement,” she wrote on her Instagram.

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Hyun Bin ‘Worried’ About the Audience Reaction to his Comeback Projects

Moreover, at the Confidential Assignment 2 press conference, Hyun Bin confessed that he is “worried” about how the viewers will react to his upcoming movies.

“I'm worried about how the audience will view [my projects]. I hope you can view it positively, as I have worked hard,” he said.

The forthcoming action-packed film is the sequel to the 2017 movie directed by Kim Sung Hoon of Rampant.

As for Confidential Assignment 2: International, Hyun Bin reprised his role as the North Korean detective Im Chul Ryung who visited South Korea for a special mission and teamed up with detective Kang Jin Tae, played by Yoo Hae Jin.

In the highly anticipated sequel, familiar faces returned including Girls’ Generation YoonA as Yoo Hae Jin’s sister-in-law, Park Min Young.

Interestingly, Confidential Assignment 2 also includes new characters starring the dashing FBI agent Jack, portrayed by Daniel Henney and Jin Seon Kyu as Jang Myeong Jun.

Set to premiere on September 7, the sequel is Hyun Bin’s comeback to the big screen, four years after releasing the action-packed film, Rampant.

As noted by Soompi, Hyun Bin mentioned that he “tried to show you an upgraded version of ‘Rim Chul Ryung’ in every way” especially the chemistry between Yoo Hae Jin and Daniel Henney.

Meanwhile, Director Lee Seok Hoon also lauded the actor for his “very meticulous and professional” acting.

Hyun Bin’s Upcoming Movies

Besides Confidential Assignment 2, viewers will get to see Hyun Bin headline multiple movies in the coming year.

After the much-awaited sequel, he is also set to join the cast of The Point Men with Hwang Jung Min and Kang Ki Young of Extraordinary Attorney Woo.

In addition to his upcoming projects, Hyun Bin will also work alongside Park Jung Min and Jeon Yeo Been for the historical crime movie Harbin, directed by Woo Min Ho of Inside Men, Drug King, and The Man Standing Next.

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