Hulu Drops Ghost Rider Series With Gabriel Luna

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It looks like Marvel fans won't be getting that Ghost Rider live-action television series after all.

According to a report by Deadline, Marvel's Ghost Rider series is no longer in development at Hulu. The streaming company decided against the live-action Marvel television series because of the creative differences that it had with the show's producers which includes showrunner Ingrid Escajeda, Paul Zybyszewski, as well as Marvel Television President Jeph Loeb.


When it was first announced, Hulu had decided to cast Gabriel Luna, the Ghost Rider actor of ABC's Marvel superhero series Agents of SHIELD as the new Robbie Reyes in its upcoming Ghost Rider television show.

The series was supposed to be largely a standalone project and was supposed to be part of a larger push of Marvel horror content on Hulu.

Unfortunately, for Marvel fans, it seems like the series is no longer working out for Hulu. We're not quite sure what the specifics of the "creative differences" between the streaming site and the producers of Ghost Rider were, but it seems like the issue hasn't really affected Marvel's Helstrom series which continues to be in production for Hulu.

It's such a shame that Ghost Rider's been canceled by Hulu. Fans were looking forward to seeing more of Luna as Robbie Reyes. The actor's rendition of the demon-bound anti-hero was much better than what Nicolas Cage gave in that horrid Ghost Rider movie.


What are your thoughts on the Ghost Rider cancellation? Feel free to use the comment section below.

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