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Hugh Jackman Opens Up About the First X-Men Movie: "I Found It Quite Lonely"

The first-ever live-action adaptation of Marvel’s beloved group of mutants, the X-Men premiered in 2000, starring Hugh Jackman in the role of Logan or widely known as Wolverine. Jackman reprised the role in two more installments of the franchise and starred in an X-Men spinoff film, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, which triumphantly developed into a trilogy story.

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Although Jackman has undoubtedly set a gold standard that even up to this day, Marvel Studios is having a hard time selecting an actor who can match Jackman's flawless portrayal of the Wolverine. However, recently, the actor revealed that he had a 'lonely' time while filming the first X-Men film.

In the latest interview with New York Times, X-Men Wolverine star Hugh Jackman opened up about his beginnings while filming the first X-Men movie, recalling the time he felt lonely due to his theater roots.

"There were times when I was doing the first “X-Men,” my first big American movie, when I found it quite lonely," Jackman said. “I was mainly from the theater, and you could feel that sense of, “Mmm, it’s a bad smell.” I don’t know exactly when things turned, but when the studio said they liked what I was doing, I could feel everyone coming to me. It made me sad. I realized film was more individual, less of an ensemble. The theater thrives on, and has to have, a feeling of ensemble, or it dies. There’s just no way to get through rehearsals, or eight shows a week, unless you have each other’s backs."

As a theater actor who transitioned into not just a regular, but a highly-anticipated film at the time, the pressure might certainly be overwhelming. However, what's impressive about Jackman's story is how he stood up from his situation, established a promising career in the industry throughout the years, and is now labeled as one of the most critically-acclaimed actors of all time with countless nominations from different awarding bodies.

Following Jackman's Wolverine debut, the actor starred in several notable films like Real Steel, Prisoners, and The Greatest Showman. For now, we can catch Hugh Jackman as Harold Hill in the revival of Music Man, currently playing on Broadway in New York City.

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