HP Awakens a New Limited Edition Star Wars Laptop with R2-D2 Sounds

With the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens getting close, the hype for the franchise is soaring high, and Hewlett-Packard is becoming a part of the joyride. HP announced today that it's making a new laptop designed to look like a relic of the Dark Side, and it's packing the machine with a lot of Star Wars content as well. That includes like iconic sound themes that take over the entire system, so you can hear R2-D2 wail when you remove a USB drive before properly ejecting it. It also includes lightsaber noises and BB-8's sounds.

The laptop's Dark Side theme is designed with faux beaten-up metal, Aurebesh writing, and Vader aesthetics on the back, a pair of Stormtroopers on one side of the trackpad, and the Death Star on the other . The trackpad is also designed to look like the X-Wing's targeting system.

There are also cool Star Wars content loaded on the laptop, like the Star Wars Command Center app that includes over 1,100 images — mostly behind the scenes stuff like storyboards, set photos, and artwork — as well as some videos and wallpapers. You can also change the laptop's sound theme with that app. HP also replaced the Recycle Bin with a Death Star icon, and Aurebesh is offered as a font. All this content comes from a partnership with Disney.

The laptop itself is pretty standard. It has a Core i5 or i7 processor, up to 2TB of HDD storage and 12GB of RAM, and the option between integrated graphics and an Nvidia GPU. There's also a DVD drive. It has a 15.6-inch display, and making it 1080p and a touchscreen seems to be optional.

The laptop will be available for sale on November 8 for $699.99. Check out the photos below from The Verge below:

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