Bleach: A Filler-Free Watch Guide for Fans

How to Watch Bleach Without Filler Watch Order Yhwach
Credit: Pierrot

How to Watch Bleach Without Filler Watch Order Yhwach
Credit: Pierrot

Bleach is an adventure and fantasy anime that centers around Ichigo Kurosaki, who obtained the powers of a Soul Reaper. The anime originally had 366 episodes, but a sequel covering the Thousand Year Blood War arc was released in the Fall of 2022. So, how do you start watching Bleach? Here's the ultimate Bleach watch order without fillers.

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Which Is Better: the Bleach Anime or Manga?

Both the Bleach manga and anime are great, considering that the anime adaptation is not that different from its source material.

The only difference is that there are some anime-original stories about the characters to give them more depth.

Anime fans have a chance to know more about their favorite characters by binge-watching the series.

On the other hand, there are unnecessary fillers in between the anime, which might be quite time-consuming for those who just wish to focus on the main arc.

The two mediums have their pros and cons, so the decision will come down to whether you prefer to read manga or watch anime.

If it's the latter, then we recommend you follow the watch order below.

What Is the Best Watch Order for Bleach?

In this watch order guide, we have compiled the episodes without fillers:

  • 1-32
  • 34-49
  • 51-63
  • 110-127
  • 138-167
  • 190-203
  • 206-212
  • 215-226
  • 267-286
  • 288-297
  • 300-302
  • 306-310
  • 342-354
  • 356
  • 366

In terms of watching the whole series and movies in order, you may refer to the following:

Watching the series in the right order might help fans understand the storytelling better.

It gives answers to questions and makes the story easier to follow.

Which Episodes Are Bleach Fillers?

Which Episodes Are Bleach Fillers?
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For those who wish to go back and watch the fillers during their spare time, here are the filler episodes:

  • 33
  • 50
  • 64-109
  • 128-137
  • 168-189
  • 204-205
  • 213-214
  • 227-266
  • 287
  • 298-299
  • 303-305
  • 311-341
  • 355
  • 357-365

The fillers are not that bad too, as they can add more color to the story.

Some fillers also give viewers added information about the characters that avid fans love to see.

Can You Skip the Bleach Movies?

Can You Skip the Bleach Movies?
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Credit: Pierrot

The Bleach movies are non-canon, which means they are anime-original.

They are also not related to the main arc so you can skip the Bleach films if you want to focus on the main storyline.

The Bleach films are great though, so feel free to check them out when you have free time.

The live-action film also just retells the story so you can skip it too if you want.

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