How to Climb Out of ELO Hell in League of Legends with Proper Harass

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Hi there!

I'm Wreckage, at Platinum 2 League of Legends player from NA.

Almost every day on Instagram, people wonder how I climbed to high platinum when at the beginning of this season, I was only Silver V. So, I decided to make videos enlightening those stuck in ELO hell to help them become better in a series I call the 'Git Gud' series.

In this particular episode we go over Proper Harass-- a key foundational laning skill that enables you to build a steady gold lead over your opponent, which further enables you to snowball your way to victory.


If you're in elo hell, then with this tip alone (given you have substantial farming skills-- approx. 70 CS per 10 minutes), you should begin to notice your games becoming inherently easier and easier due to the gold lead you've learned to create without the aid of your team.


Review Sheet:

►Watch your opponent as they farm

►Harass them when they step up to CS

          ►This forces them to either miss CS or get punished for it

►Harass and farm at the same time

          ►This makes it easier to not miss CS while harassing

►If they go base or die, don't forget to shove your minion wave into the tower to deny them gold and exp

Perfect practice makes perfect-- an understanding of mechanics is good, but knowledge does not translate to skill without quality practice!