20 Feb 2020 11:42 AM +00:00 UTC

How The Rise of Skywalker May Have Damaged Star Wars for Good

Star Wars fans might be looking forward to the next Star Wars project now that Disney's Star Wars sequel trilogy has finally come to an end, but analysts say that no matter what Lucasfilm does next, the studio may never be able to recover from the damage incurred by Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

Celebrating the two-month anniversary of Episode IX, Forbes writer Scot Mendelson offers a detailed piece about how Episode IX is going to retroactively affect the Star Wars franchise. Sure, the film might have been more or less a commercial success with its $1.069 billion haul, but for a Star Wars film that was supposed to culminate the entire Skywalker saga, The Rise of Skywalker sure did disappoint.

Not only did the film fail to financially match its predecessors Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Star Wars: The Last Jedi, but it also became an extensively divisive entry in the franchise with fans and critics slamming the film for its excessive use of fan-service.


The topic sentence of the analysis suggests that no matter what Lucasfilm does next and now matter how successful the project becomes, the core of the Skywalker narrative would have been "hamstrung by a poorly-received finale."

Star Wars fans who enjoyed The Rise of Skywalker might cry foul over this analysis, but Forbes does make a good point. Star Wars is a major franchise, and unfortunately, the Skywalker saga just blew its landing. Now, Lucasfilm is pressured to make its next Star Wars film project a success, or the franchise may suffer even further.

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Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is set for release in HD and 4K Ultra HD on March 17. The film is also set for release on Blu-Ray and DVD on March 31.

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