How Strong Is Hojo Tokiyuki in The Elusive Samurai? His Bizarre Ability Explored

how strong is hojo tokiyuki
Credit: Yusei Matsui/Shueisha, The Prince Who Runs Away Production Committee

how strong is hojo tokiyuki
Credit: Yusei Matsui/Shueisha, The Prince Who Runs Away Production Committee

Main characters usually fight their opponents head-on, but Hojo Tokiyuki is different. His strength lies in his exceptional speed, agility, and strategic mind to outwit his opponents, but how strong is Hojo Tokiyuki in The Elusive Samurai?

Meet Hojo Tokiyuki: The Rightful Heir to the Kamakura Shogunate

The pilot episode of the historical anime introduced viewers to Lord Hojo Tokiyuki, the rightful heir to the Kamakura shogunate before its fall to the hands of the traitor, Ashikaga Takauji, in 1333.

Hojo Tokiyuki is incredibly outgoing, carefree, and playful, unlike other noble sons who act prim and proper.

He would rather play hide-and-seek with his attendants than attend archery classes, making the higher-ups and the people around him worry about his future responsibilities.

Despite this, Tokiyuki aims to protect Kamakura from all kinds of threats to protect its citizens, their peaceful and prosperous living conditions, and especially the smiles on their faces.

But after Takauji’s betrayal, Tokiyuki’s dreams were crushed as the Kamakura shogunate, including his father and his half-brother, tragically died.

He was then forced to go with the eccentric shaman, Suwa Yorishige, hoping to make his vision come true soon.

Now, Tokiyuki strives to work hard on his peculiar skills and abilities to retake Kamakura and take down Takauji once and for all!

How Strong Is Hojo Tokiyuki in The Elusive Samurai?

While a lot of characters in the series think Hojo Tokiyuki is cowardly because he refuses to attack his opponents head-on and prefers to evade all the time, the rightful heir to the Kamakura shogunate uses his natural elusive talent to fight in his own way.

In other words, he simply enjoys running, but that doesn’t mean he’s a cowardly fighter.

Even Yorishige believes that Tokiyuki is secretly a beast who amuses himself by playing tag with his fiercest opponents like he used to with his attendants.

Technically, Tokiyuki excels in stealth and evasion, often using the environment to his advantage to hide or flee from pursuers. This ability is crucial for his survival and allows him to outmaneuver any powerful opponent.

His elusiveness is heaven-sent, which means his unconventional moves can’t be learned in training and he’s the only one able to do this feat.

Tokiyuki is also highly intelligent and capable of devising clever strategies to overcome challenges. His tactical mind helps him anticipate enemy moves and plan effective counteractions.

However, his offensive abilities still need a lot of hard work and training, as his only choice is to drag the fight long enough so that he can find an opening and behead his opponents.

It’s a good thing Tokiyuki has some reliable allies who could help him along the way. Each of them has their strengths, which help Tokiyuki in times of trouble.

Overall, Tokiyuki's strength is his ability to outthink and outpace his opponents, making him a distinct and interesting protagonist in The Elusive Samurai.

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