05 Sep 2019 8:41 PM +00:00 UTC

How Magic: The Gathering's The Gatewatch is Basically Dragon Ball Z


The Gatewatch, the group of planeswalkers central to Magic: The Gathering's storyline, are committed to protecting the people of MTG's multiverse just like how the Z warriors of Universe 7 in Dragon Ball Z are committed to saving the multiverse of Akira Toriyama's popular anime series. A new parody video by YouTuber Vinnie the Kielbasa King shows us how the stories of the two epic franchises are pretty similar. 

Watch it below: 

The video matches a Gatewatch member to a Dragon Ball Z character: Gideon is Goku; Liliana is Vegeta; Chandra is Yamcha (How?); Garruk is Broly; Ajani is Korin (they're both cats); and Teferi is Mr. Popo. And there's the fusion dance to form Brisela. 

This video is making me more hyped to see the Russo Brothers' animated adaptation of Magic: The Gathering in netflix in the near future. 

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