House of the Dragon Star Says Rhaenyra's Popularity Makes Her 'Incredibly Anxious'

There is little doubt that House of the Dragon is a huge success and the stars of the Game of Thrones prequel are gaining popularity with every episode. However, Milly Alcock isn't very comfortable with her newfound fame. The Rhaenyra Targaryen actress has just admitted that being in the spotlight makes her "incredibly anxious."

Milly Alcock blew everyone's minds when she debuted as Rhaenyra Targaryen in the first episode of House of the Dragon and she continues to impress fans with her performance as the series progresses. Still, Alcock tells Nylon that she doesn't enjoy being so popular.

"I'm trying to not look at it and trying not to engage with it because it doesn't benefit me," Alcock said. "It just makes me incredibly anxious. Me seeing my face constantly is straining. No one should have to do that. It f-cking sucks, man. I don't know how the socialites of the world can do that. It's kind of driving me off the wall. It's an incredibly difficult space to navigate."

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She then pointed out that her own friends can't relate to her situation.

"I don't really know anyone who's kind of gone through what I'm going through," Alcock said. "All of my friends are very normal and go to uni and just do very basic things, and my family's not in the arts whatsoever, so it's strange. It feels like someone's opened Pandora's box and you're kind of just looking through the looking glass. It's a bit Alice in Wonderland-y. It's f-cking weird."

It's not the usual way most people react to fame but we're still happy for Milly Alcock for all the success of House of the Dragon. Additionally, Alcock is set for one last episode as Rhaenyra before Emma D'Arcy takes over.

House of the Dragon Episode 4 is now available on HBO Max. House of the Dragon Episode 5 is titled We Light the Way and will premiere on HBO on Sunday, September 18, 2022, at 9:00 PM EST.

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