Honey Lee Diet Plan: One The Woman Star Reveals Going 'Overboard' With Vegan Lifestyle

Credit: Kocowa / YouTube screenshot

Credit: Kocowa / YouTube screenshot

Honey Lee has been vocal about opting to live a healthier lifestyle through veganism, but she surprised the public when she talked about changing his eating habits.

The beauty queen turned K-drama star showed off her timeless beauty when she made a small screen comeback after headlining the 2020 series One the Woman opposite Lee Sang Yoon.

She took the role of elite prosecutor Cho Yeon Joo and woke up one day and found herself living the life of Hanju Group's daughter-in-law, Kang Mi Na.

The 39-year-old actress didn't just score soaring viewership ratings but also an overwhelming response from the public.

Apart from her stellar performance, she was also praised for her youthful beauty and stunning physique.

Lee Honey Diet 2022: How Does the former Beauty Queen Maintain her Body

In a 2015 article by Soompi, the former Miss Universe third runner-up spills her secret for staying fit and fab even in her 30s.

During her appearance in SBS' One Night of TV Entertainment, she admitted that she gains weight easily.

For Honey Lee's diet, she revealed that she does portion eating or makes sure that she limits the serving or amount of the food she eats.

Interestingly, another part of Honey Lee's diet includes a vegetable-based low-calorie food, sharing that she snacks on celery, seaweed without chojang or chili pepper dipping sauce, potatoes, tofu, nuts and pomegranate.

On the other hand, the actress also dishes out that she skips eating rice.

For Asians, rice is considered a staple food, providing a satisfying meal. However, one of the main reasons why Honey Lee avoids it is because it contains a lot of carbohydrates and some studies even connect it to obesity and weight gain as cited by healthline.com.

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Here's What Prompted the Honey Lee to Stop Being Vegan?

After years of being vegan, Honey Lee revealed that she had to alter her eating habit, which includes being vegan.

Per tellerreport.com, the actress made a guest appearance at the YouTube channel Civilization Express where she gets candid about her change in lifestyle.

She shared her realization with veganism and revealed that she got "overboard a lot."

In addition, she mentioned that she "haven't eaten meat for about 12 years," and what prompted her to stop was because she "wasn't getting the happiness I found in veganism from the get-go."

According to the Vegan Society, veganism means refraining from consuming meat or any other products of animal origin like eggs and milk. On the other hand, most, like Honey Lee, prefer eating plant-based food on their diet.

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