Honey Lee Announces Private Wedding With Non-Celebrity Partner

Credit: KOCOWA TV/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: KOCOWA TV/YouTube Screenshot

One the Woman wrapped up its course in November. After receiving praises and compliments for her performance, Honey Lee has obtained more attention due to recent developments in her personal life.

The South Korean actress has seemingly had a lot going on behind the cameras. While she has maintained her privacy, she, alongside her label, has tried to let the fans in on her life.

On Tuesday, avid followers of the beauty queen received shocking news about her. In an official statement, her agency revealed that she and her boyfriend officially tied the knot on the same day, according to AllKpop.

Saram Entertainment Shares The "Great News"

Saram Entertainment released an announcement before the public. Through publications, it relayed updates about Honey Lee, particularly her wedding and relationship.

The label said that the 38-year-old celebrity has made a “promise to become a lifelong companion” to her partner. As it happened, she and her now-spouse exchanged wedding vows earlier that day “through a small ceremony in Seoul.”

Given the current situation, which is difficult due to the ongoing pandemic, the pair only had their family members with them during the special moment. Despite not having a grand wedding ceremony, they became a married couple.

The agency continued that Honey Lee’s now-husband is not a celebrity. Accordingly, it requests the public to refrain from making “excessive speculations” about his identity.

In the end, though, Saram Entertainment assured fans and followers that the Extreme Job star will return soon to the scene. As noted, she will be back “with a more matured image,” as well as “good acting.”

Confirming The Relationship With A Non-Celebrity

The actress’s relationship with her non-celebrity partner was first made public days after the conclusion of One the Woman. Several publications revealed the serious romantic link, with sources attesting that the pair met after an acquaintance introduced them to each other earlier this year.

It was added that Lee and her unnamed then-boyfriend bonded over similar interests, as well as mindsets.

Following the reports and speculations, Saram Entertainment confirmed the news and released an official statement. It shared that Honey Lee, indeed, met her then-boyfriend earlier in 2021 through a common link.

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