Honest Trailers: The Mummy Killed The Dark Universe Franchise Before It Began

The Mummy reboot with Tom Cruise was not met with the best reviews when it came out, and the future has never looked darker (hehe) for Universal’s Dark Universe franchise. Like always, Screen Junkies has come up with a new Honest Trailer, and it tears The Mummy to shreds.

“Experience the terror of a film without a soul, that lacks the fun of the Brendan Fraser version, misses the horror of the original, and settles into its own stale blend of action-blockbuster clichés that manage to kill all hype for the Dark Universe before it even began.”

With the oversaturation of movie universes we already have, it seemed that a lot of audience members were growing tired with what Universal had to offer. Even Tom Cruise, who usually nails every role he gets, wasn’t able to save The Mummy.

The trailer also points out that the movie suffers exactly what The Amazing Spider-Man 2 had—building up too many of its future films. It’s a ridiculous coincidence that this movie’s story also came from the same guy who wrote TAS2, Alex Kurtzman.

At this point, it would feel too embarrassing for Universal to just up and drop the Dark Universe, but with all the actors already cast, we’ll just have to see how the franchise trudges along—that is, if we want to see any of these movies at all.

As for now, the next film in the lineup of Dark Universe is Bride of Frankenstein, and the film is set for a release on Feb. 14, 2019.

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