Honest Trailer for Trolls World Tour Blames Film for Possibly Killing Theaters


Trolls World Tour was probably one of the most successful films to ever come out in home theaters, and it was such a hit at home that Universal ended up reconsidering their home release policies — leading to a wholecontroversywith AMC theaters. Now Screen Junkies has decided to release their Honest Trailer take on the movie, and it doesn’t pull back any punches.

In a world that’s still stuck at home, where parents will snap if they have to watch Frozen 2 one more time, a film will bypass theaters entirely and buy them 90 minutes of peace as a team of writers and directors with an average age of 52 serves up bright colors and poop jokes for the little ones. Now that’s what I call Boomer Mega Mix for adults!

I have to say, I think whoever wrote this Honest Trailer is kind of being too harsh at this kids’ movie. I mean, it gets bashed for using a lot of top 40 hits and not being too extensive on the genres, but I don’t think the target audience really cares about any of that.

If you ask me, the movie was a good follow-up to the first film, and has a nice message about letting people enjoy the music that they like. When it comes to the finale song though, Just Sing doesn’t hold a candle to the hit that was Can’t Stop the Feeling.

For now, you can catch Trolls World Tour available on digital.

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