Highschool of the Dead, A Certain Magical Index Theme Song Performer Maon Kurosaki Passes Away

Highschool of the Dead Saya Maon Kurosaki

Highschool of the Dead Saya Maon Kurosaki

In what is sad news for anime fans all over the world, it was announced that popular anime singer Maon Kurosaki passed away on February 16 due to complications resulting from an illness.

The news was revealed by Kurosaki’s agency through the singer’s Twitter account.

There, details about her untimely passing were shared with fans, along with reactions from those close to her.

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Kurosaki is a well-known singer who is renowned for performing songs for various popular anime.

Perhaps her most popular work is for Highschool of the Dead as she performed the series’ ending theme songs.

She is also known by fans of A Certain Magical Index as she performed the second season’s endings.

Her other works include Hellsing Ultimate, Accel World, and Strike the Blood, among others.

Her latest work is performing the ending song for Reincarnated as a Sword, an isekai anime series that aired in the Fall 22 season.

As Kurosaki’s latest work is still quite new, many anime fans were blindsided by her sudden passing.

Fans from all over the world were saddened by the news, especially as she is a beloved singer among fans of the shows she has worked on.

What makes her death even more heartbreaking for many is that Kurosaki was still planning her upcoming projects in the coming summer season.

There’s also the fact that she passed away at just the age of 35.

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Maon Kurosaki Passes Away

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According to the statement released by her agency, Kurosaki passed away suddenly on February 16 as her chronic illness got worse.

While the statement did not explain in detail what her chronic illness is, it is believed to be related to the emergency surgery that she had to undergo back in September 2021.

At that time, Kurosaki had surgery for an epidural hematoma after she collapsed during a live-streamed concert.

Since then, Kurosaki seemed to have made a recovery as she continued to work and perform live. Sadly, this recovery was short-lived.

Kurosaki’s memorial service was held following her passing, and it was attended only by close relatives as the family wanted to mourn quietly.

Finally, the statement ends with an expression of gratitude for fans who have supported Maon Kurosaki’s career, as well as the people involved in her works.

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Source: Maon Kurosaki’s official Twitter account

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