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Hideo Kojima Calls Blue Eye Samurai ‘Anime of the Year’ in Glowing Review

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Hideo Kojima may be busy with Death Stranding 2, but that hasn’t stopped him from sharing more movie and anime recommendations. Just recently, Kojima gave a glowing review of Blue Eye Samurai, which he called the Anime of the Year.

Kojima isn’t an anime industry figure, but he is such a well-known and respected game director, not to mention a huge cinephile. Thus, his opinion on movies carries a lot of weight for viewers around the world.

Over the past year, Kojima has also recommended several anime, many of which fans agree are must-watches.

Hideo Kojima’s History of Anime Recommendations

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As the creator of the Metal Gear series and Death Stranding, Hideo Kojima is easily one of the most popular video game directors right now.

Thanks to his personal X (formerly Twitter) account, he has also become an influencer and tastemaker of sorts when it comes to anime.

Just a few weeks ago, Kojima shared his thoughts on the Pluto anime by Studio M2. In line with the show’s critical reception, Kojima loved Pluto and he highly recommended it to his followers.

Looking back to last year, Kojima also had some other notable recommendations. Perhaps the most surprising is Lycoris Recoil, a series that he accidentally stumbled upon but quickly grew to love.

Other series that he enjoyed greatly are Cyberpunk: Edgerunners and Summer Time Rendering.

Now, Kojima’s next anime endorsement is a bit different from the other titles he has mentioned.

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Kojima Gives High Praise to Blue Eye Samurai Anime

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Blue Eye Samurai is a new Netflix anime, though calling it anime-inspired may be more accurate. That’s because it’s produced by American companies and made by a French studio.

Whether it’s a true anime or not, what’s certain is that Kojima loves the series. In his review, it is the anime of the year. He also said that it “transcends the common sense of animation.”

He compared the series to Into the Spider-Verse and Arcane, which he believes have pushed animation to the next level.

Aside from its impeccable animation, Kojima also had high praise for its characters and story. He particularly liked how the show’s theme applies to the modern day.

For those who have been convinced to watch it because of Kojima’s review, all episodes of Blue Eye Samurai are now streaming on Netflix.

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