Hidden Luke and Leia Easter Egg in Star Wars: The Last Jedi Will Make You Cry

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There is a lot to discover in Star Wars: The Last Jedi in every rewatch. A Reddit user has stumbled upon a gem that reveals a parallel between the first time Luke learned about Leia and the last moment they shared together.

Luke first knew of Leia in A New Hope, when R2-D2 showed a hologram of the princess asking for Obi-Wan's help. Essentially, his first ever encounter with her was in the form of a projection before he officially met her in the flesh during her rescue mission.

Have you noticed that in their final scene together in The Last Jedi, just before he confronted the First Order and crossed the netherworld, it was Luke who appeared as a projection to reunite with his sister? It was even the same A New Hope hologram that drove him to action.

This is an easter egg that is easy to overlook especially since it wasn't made blatantly obvious. Either way, it is just beautiful to see it all come full circle. It's amazing that with everything that happened between the first and last moments they had together, some things never really do change. Check out the post below:

I like that the first time Luke sees Leia, it's as a projection. And the last time Leia sees Luke, it's as a Projection as well.

Whether this was intentional or not, it definitely made Star Wars: The Last Jedi much more special. Fans are reminded of one of the most iconic quotes from George Lucas upon seeing this easter egg: "It's like poetry, it rhymes." When he first said this, he was referring to a parallel Anakin and Luke moment that would cement the two as being both heroes and excellent pilots.

Of course, with Luke set to return in Star Wars: Episode IX as well as Leia, it is unclear if there could be more interaction between the two.

After all, it is still unknown how the two characters will be integrated in the story this time. Carrie Fisher is sadly no longer with us, but footage of her from Star Wars: The Force Awakens will be used on the upcoming film. Luke, on the other hand, is tecnically no more as of The Last Jedi, but he can still come back as a Force ghost.

Star Wars: Episode IX comes out December 20.

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