Witch from Mercury Reveals New Gundam Aerial Gunpla Following Finale

Gundam Aerial Rebuild Gunpla Suletta

Gundam Aerial Rebuild Gunpla Suletta

The new Gundam series’ finale made waves because of its brutality. Though the Witch from Mercury finale also thrilled Gundam collectors as it revealed the new HG 1/144 scale Gundam Aerial Rebuild Gunpla.

At the end of Episode 12, an advertisement for the newest Gunpla was shown.

Soon after, images and other info about the new Gundam model kit were shared via the Bandai Hobby website.

The Witch from Mercury Gunpla

witch from mercury gundam aerial
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Every new Gundam anime series or movie is exciting for Gundam fans, especially for model kit collectors.

After all, every new anime project will inevitably introduce new model kits to build and collect.

Such was the case with the Witch from Mercury as Gunpla of Aerial and the other Mobile Suits in the anime were released alongside the show. These model kits were even revealed before the show’s premiere.

Currently, there have been over 20 High Grade (HG) kits announced, with a bit less than half of them already being available. Though the most sought-after is no doubt Gundam Aerial.

Shortly after its release back in October, the Gundam Aerial HG Gunpla was quickly sold out in Japan and other countries.

It even became a hot topic among fans as a well-known Japanese retailer jokingly added Aerial snacks to their shelves because of how quickly kits were snapped up.

The model kit selling out makes sense considering that Aerial is the signature Mobile Suit of the new anime.

It also helps that HG kits are fairly affordable, with Aerial being priced at JPY 1,300 or around USD 10.

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HG Gundam Aerial Rebuild 1/144 Scale

With the release of the first season’s finale, another version of the HG Aerial is set to be released.

Specifically, this new model kit is based on the rebuilt version of Aerial shown in Episode 12, hence the name Aerial Rebuild.

This new version of Suletta Mercury's Mobile Suit features lots of additional parts, including new armor pieces, along with a shield that can be used to make Aerial’s new weapon.

Given that it features more parts, the HG Gundam 1/144 scale Gundam Aerial Rebuild Gunpla will be available with a price tag of JPY 1,870 or around USD 15.

This kit will be released in Japan in March 2023. It is then expected to release in other countries soon after its Japanese launch.

Though here’s hoping there’s a lot of stock so it doesn’t get sold out quickly again.

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Source: Bandai Hobby Site

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