Here's Why Stranger Things Season 5 Won't Recreate Kate Bush's Running Up That Hill Success

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Netflix just acquired another milestone with Stranger Things Season 4. The fourth season reached a record-breaking viewership record of 1.35 billion streaming hours. On top of the show's success, Kate Bush's Running Up That Hill surprisingly returned to the charts after almost 30 years, thanks to Stranger Things Season 4, which featured the song in a spine-chilling episode.

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No More Running Up That Hill in Season 5?


In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Stranger Things creators Matt and Ross Duffer discussed the unanticipated triumph of Bush's 1985 track in Season 4 and assured that they won't recreate it in Season 5, noting how it might not be effective anymore and how the Dear Billy scene would be difficult to top. See Matt Duffer's full statement below:

"I’ve even seen articles that are like 'What will be Stranger Things‘ next Kate Bush moment?' There won’t be another one! If we attempt that with another song, it will fail. Ross, our music supervisor and I all had a list of possible songs we wanted, and 'Running Up That Hill' was all of them. I’d be lying if I said I knew it was going to resonate in the way it did. I think the reason why is because she was so ahead of her time. It feels very modern. And so kids are hooked on it. I don’t even really understand what TikTok is. I emailed Kate Bush, 'Apparently you’re big on TikTok.' She was like, 'Yeah, I’ve heard.' [Laughs.]"

Kate Bush Remains on Charts Following Stranger Things Season 4's Feature

Three months after Stranger Things feature on Kate Bush's 1985 track Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God), the song still sits at the second spot on iTunes Top 100 Songs Chart (via PopVortex), while #7 on Spotify's Top 50 - Global chart. Amazingly, Kate Bush was constantly vocal about her gratefulness for the show and saluted the Duffer Brothers several times.


Recreating the Running Up That Hill sensation may not be a priority now that the Duffer Brothers are setting up a groundbreaking conclusion for Stranger Things Season 5. Nonetheless, they can surely recreate it unintentionally, just like what they did to Kate Bush's song. But if the Duffer Brothers eventually decided to use the song again as the soundtrack for the impending finale, fans wouldn't surely object.

For now, Netflix hasn't yet announced an official release window for Stranger Things Season 5. Meanwhile, Stranger Things Season 4 is available to stream on Netflix.

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