Here's Why George Lucas Decided to Direct Star Wars Prequel Trilogy

There is little doubt that people were stunned when George Lucas confirmed that he would be working on a follow-up to the original Star Wars trilogy back in the early 1990s. But what had compelled the filmmaker to helm a new trilogy that would focus on Darth Vader's origin story? Kathleen Kennedy revealed that it was mostly out of boredom.

The Lucasfilm boss was one of the big names featured in the documentary series Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian. Interestingly, Kennedy shared how Lucas decided to pursue the prequel trilogy while he was working on a completely different project.

"I was around with the movies that were in between [Star Wars trilogies] which is the Indiana Jones movies," Kennedy said. "I don't think he ever stopped thinking about whether he would do more Star Wars and I think what happened during Indy was that he was not on the floor directing. He was not necessarily in it, because it was primarily Steven [Spielberg]."

All that free time actually helped Lucas reconsider his decision to stop making more Star Wars movies.

"So, with anybody like George, and anyone who's a filmmaker, they get antsy after a while at not being able to be on that floor telling stories, making movies, and his love of pushing the technology," Kennedy continued. "Obviously, we were doing a certain amount of that with each of the Indiana Jones movies, but it wasn't like Star Wars and I think that each time we would push the technology, in making those movies, he got the bug to start thinking about what that might mean for Star Wars."

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Credit: Lucasfilm

It's awesome to learn that the Skywalker Saga got bigger thanks to Lucas not having a lot to do on the Indiana Jones movies. It certainly ensured that there would be more stories to tell beyond the original trilogy.

Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian is currently streaming on Disney+.

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