Here’s How The Avengers 4 Directors Responded To Questions About The Missing Trailer

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Marvel fans might have been itching for the trailer for Avengers 4 the past few days, but it looks like Avengers directors Joe and Anthony Russo are the least bit interested in answering any questions about the teaser.

Yesterday, Collider held a special screening presentation of Avengers: Infinity War and both Joe and Anthony Russo were brought in for a question and answer session with fans. While the Marvel directors were pretty eager interacting with audiences, it seemed like one subject was off-limits for everyone who planned to participate in the Q and A – the trailer for Avengers 4.

Slashfilm's Peter Sciretta was present during the Q and A, and according to the writer's quick little rant on Twitter, the Russos weren't planning on answering anything about Avengers 4, including the film's missing trailer.

Fans were anticipating the trailer to appear today during Collider's special event, but it looks like Marvel's decided against dropping Avengers 4's teaser despite the fact that the fan base has long since been looking towards the trailer's release.


There was a whole lot of speculation that the trailer might have been released after Infinity War's special screening – after all, Infinity War's very first teaser premiered on the last Wednesday of November last year too.

While the missing trailer might seem like a major disappointment to the fanbase, the absence of a campaign for Avengers 4 only makes the hype for the film stronger. Fans are now pinning their hopes on seeing the teaser drop on Friday, November 30, but it's honestly anyone's guess from this point on.

Avengers 4 hits cinemas May 3, 2019.

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