15 Apr 2015 3:11 PM +00:00 UTC

Here's A Huge, Creepy, Realistic Wool Cat Head You Can Wear As A Mask

Want to look like a Khajiit? You know one of those cat-like people from the Elder Scrolls video game series. Well, you can check out this huge, creepy, and realistic wool cat head that Housetu Sato and his students at the Japan School of Wool Art created. Check out these photos: 

Photo by Housetu Sato

Photo by Housetu Sato

Photo by Housetu Sato

The cute piece will be on exhibit from April 18 to 23 at Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum. Sadly, there are no plans to mass produce the mask for retail, but the artists are open to the idea of renting out or selling the mask after the exhibition. I'm sure cat lovers around the world would whip out a lot of cash for this. Are you one of them?