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Henry Cavill Will Reportedly Have a Surprise Superman Announcement at Comic-Con

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According to a new report from Deadline, there’s "buzz that Henry Cavill will put in a surprise appearance [at San Diego Comic-Con] to talk up more Superman." This report comes amidst the rumors that Henry Cavill’s Superman could be making an appearance in the upcoming Black Adam movie, albeit another shoulders-down appearance just like the Superman cameo in the 2019’s Shazam! and the finale of the Peacemaker series.

It is worth noting that Warner Bros is planning to spotlight both Shazam! Fury of the Gods and Black Adam at the SDCC’s Hall H this Saturday afternoon, a few hours ahead of Marvel Studios’ presentation.

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Credit: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice | Warner Bros.

Black Adam actor Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has addressed the rumors of a Superman cameo in the past, saying that his professional wrestling roots have taught him to listen to the audience.

"From back in the day when I was wrestling in flea markets for $40 bucks a match, all the way to now," Johnson posted in his tweet earlier this month. "I've learned to always listen to the audience because they will always lead you to where you need to go. I hear you & I always got you."

Henry Cavill donned the Man of Steel costume in three theatrical appearances, dating back to his DC debut in 2013’s Man of Steel. His most recent portrayal of Clark Kent came in 2021’s Zack Snyder’s Justice League, Snyder’s cut of 2017’s Justice League. While the other DC actors like Gal Gadot and Jason Momoa have seen progress in their individual films, news about Superman has been dormant.

Regardless of the lack of progress for the character, Henry Cavill has stated that he yearns to see his Clark Kent story continue.

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"I felt like Man of Steel was a wonderful opening story, an origin story to Superman. It left a lot of space for him to grow beyond that and become the hero that we recognize. Batman v Superman took a hard turn down a darker route and it was a Batman perspective story and so it didn't really show the aspects of Superman which I was very, very keen to show," Cavill said in an interview with Collider. "Justice League Snyder Cut definitely leant into that a bit more."

Warner Bros’ theatrical panel is scheduled for July 23, Saturday, at the SDCC’s Hall H.


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