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Henry Cavill Reveals More People Pushed for His Superman Comeback Besides The Rock

Credit: WB

Fans are still reeling over the fact that Henry Cavill has finally made his triumphant return as Superman and understandably so. For the longest time, it seemed like the British actor's DCU comeback was nothing more than a huge pipe dream, until Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson stepped in to help bring him back to the franchise after receiving constant rejections from WB's old regime.

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Credit: WB

However, it turns out that The Rock shouldn't be given all the credit for the return of the Man of Steel. Speaking with Extra TV, Cavill addressed reports saying the Black Adam star was solely responsible for bringing him back to the DC Universe. While the actor obviously pushed for his return, Henry says that more people were instrumental in making it happen. He explains: "I think there's—it's so difficult to say exactly what happens behind the scenes. There's been a lot of voices involved. I'm so thankful for voices like Danny Garcia and Hiram Garcia, and indeed Dwyane [Johnson being so involved in helping me come back to this character. I mean, the deeper I dig the more voices I discover... but, Danny and have a close relationship as well because she was my manager."

He continued by saying how excited he is to return to the role which kickstarted the DCU nearly a decade ago. "It's just a pleasure to be back, to be honest. And I'm so excited to dig further into this character and to explore this character some more and make that I give the audience everything that they deserve with this character."

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It's truly an exciting time to be a fan of the DC film and television franchise, especially after WB Discovery recently made it clear that Superman will be at the forefront of the new DCU. It's also great that the people in charge have their respective fingers on the pulse.

DC's Black Adam is still screening in cinemas worldwide.

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