Henry Cavill Could No Longer Be Playing DCEU’s Superman

It was rumored for a while that Henry Cavill was open to making more appearances as Superman in the future, but now news has come out that he may have exited the DCEU role and will no longer be playing the Man of Steel.

As per The Hollywood Reporter, talks with Cavill had fallen through with Warner Bros, and he'll be following the way of Batman actor Ben Affleck whose role in the future of DC has been left unsure. Cavill was also expected to make a cameo in next year's Shazam!, but due to scheduling conflicts, he wasn't able to make the commitment.

Cavill's return is also left murky after it was announced that he would star in Netflix's The Witcher series.

In the meantime, it looks like it's going to be a while before we get another Superman film in theaters. A studio source had said, "Superman is like James Bond, and after a certain run you have to look at new actors." It's also worth noting that WB is currently looking to put the focus on Supergirl instead.

This is sure to mess up with the DCEU timeline. With Affleck and Cavill leaving, WB is still planning to keep the other actors in its roster. Gal Gadot is still playing Wonder Woman, with Jason Momoa (Aquaman) and Ezra Miller (The Flash) still attached to their roles.

Personally, I'm a big fan of Cavill's Superman, and I wish that WB tried their best to keep him on before going off to look for another actor. I'll admit, every film that Cavill's Superman has been in has been divisive, but I'm holding on that Cavill will eventually come back to the role and give us a proper sendoff.

Cavill has not yet made an official statement of his exit from the Superman role.

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