Hellboy Filming Locations And Description Tease An Apocalypse In The Reboot

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There hasn't been a lot of details regarding the plot of Millenium's upcoming Hellboy reboot, however information regarding the film's production have started to make their way online and new details taken from the film's location reportedly reveal the film's synopsis.

My Entertainment World (via Omega Underground) has just discovered that the Hellboy reboot is scheduled to begin production during the middle of September in Bulgaria and the UK, and in the site's report, fans of the Harbinger of the Apocalypse get to learn what director Neil Marshall might have in mind for the film's synopsis.


"The film is about Hellboy going to England, where he must defeat Nimue, Merlin's consort and the Blood Queen. But their battle will bring about the end of the world, a fate he desperately tries to turn away."

Knowing the Blood Queen's story in the Hellboy comics, it seems like Marshall's reboot won't stray far from its original source material, teasing an epic battle between Nimue and Hellboy. In the comics Nimue unleashes her army while Hellboy revives his own army of British knights to assist him in the fight, and though Nimue is defeated, Hellboy gets dragged down to Hell along with the Blood Queen.

Will the Hellboy of Stranger Things star David Harbour find himself tied to the same fate? Let's wait and see.

Hellboy makes its big debut sometime 2018.


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