Hellboy: David Harbour Comments on CGI Assistance for His Body

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Even though it's scheduled for a January 2019 release, Hellboy has already finished production. A reboot of the series, it is now rated R and will supposedly be more faithful to the comics. Fans were surprised to see David Harbour cast as the character and more so when his version of the popular comic book character was shown. Not only did it look fearsome, the image also showed off Harbour's physique, which surprised everyone.

Harbour has been known for his "dad bod," and is getting back to that form now that Hellboy has finished filming. During an interview with Stephen Colbert, Harbour revealed that his physique was not fake, though CGI was implemented to look more like the comic character.

When Colbert jokingly said "none of that's CGI right?" he responded with this:

"I don't know why people complain about 'fake news,' because fake news works in myfavor, in terms of this. That's all me, 100%."

It's good seeing Harbour work hard for the role and he deserves to live his life the way he wants now that Hellboy has finished production. He doesn't seem to be ashamed of the "dad bod" moniker, which does admittedly fit his character in Stranger Things. The actor is expected to be a part of the third season, which will go through a time skip to accommodate for the child actors, who are getting older.

Hellboy is slated for January 11, 2019.

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