Helen Mirren Reveals the Reason She Joined the DCU

Fans are one or two days away (depending upon which timezone you are in) from the world premiere of the much-awaited DC Universe sequel Shazam! Fury of the Gods. Based on the initial reviews of critics and some fans, it seems that the reactions are divided; some viewers still find the second movie appealing, while others believe that it was an unnecessary follow-up to an already-done story. However, these reactions seem to agree on one thing: franchise newcomer and award-winning star Helen Mirren are one of the highlights of the DC movie.

During the red-carpet premiere of Shazam! Fury of the Gods in Los Angeles, California, The Hollywood Reporter asked Mirren what made her join the superhero franchise and be in the DCU sequel.

“Watching the first one (Shazam!)” she said. “I loved the first one. Honestly, I’m not familiar with the superhero world. [I] Sort of all miss accidentally see the first one. And I thought, ‘It was so charming’. It completely took me by surprise. So when the second one was suggested, I immediately said yes. And then when they say, goddess, you will be playing a goddess. And I say, ‘Wow, of course, yes!’”

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Despite being a megastar in the industry for many years, Mirren is one of the actors who has added a superhero narrative late to her career. In the newest film, Shazam 2, she plays the role of Hespera, the daughter of Atlas and one of the family movie's antagonists. The thing about being in a superhero project is that you are inevitably required to don a costume. The Academy Award winner described the experience of putting on her armor for the film.

“Very heavy, very uncomfortable, but also very powerful. And any actor loves a good costume. It’s a great costume and we had a wonderful costume designer. Unbelievably uncomfortable, but great.” said Mirren.

Mirren's entry into the superhero genre is far from her first involvement with a mega-franchise, as she will next be seen in the Fast and Furious 10 movie. But playing the bad guy in a superhero narrative is one hell of an experience, so the actress was asked what it was like tapping into her villainy for Shazam 2.

“I don’t see. We don’t see ourselves as villains at all. We are absolutely righteous in what we are doing. So we see ourselves as the heroines of the piece,” she reasoned.

Shazam! Fury of the Gods hits theaters this Friday, March 17.

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