Hear Darth Vader Speak Japanese in Different Star Wars Scenes

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Have you ever wondered what Darth Vader sounds like in another language? I hadn’t thought of it either. But YouTuber Jin Kazama has decided to take some of the mystery off by uploading a video of a montage of Star Wars scenes showing the Sith Lord speaking in Japanese.

Take a look at the rather intimidating video below:



The Japanese Darth Vader is dubbed by voice actor Toru Ohira. I must say that the 86-year-old actor did a pretty damn fantastic job making Vader sound as frightening, if not more frightening than James Earl Jones’ rendition.

Nothing can replace the original voice though. In my opinion, Jones’ voice is fearsome with a very slight touch of tenderness showing that there’s still light in him. Or maybe I’m just biased.

In any case, Ohira’s version is pretty cool. He certainly added another umph to Vader’s stern and authoritative demeanor. The other Japanese voice actors did fantastic jobs too.

Do you like Japanese Darth Vader?