Hear a Cheerful Version of Darth Vader's Imperial March in Major Key

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The Star Wars theme composed by John Williams is by far one of the most popular scores in the history of cinema. Its distinct music signals an epic space adventure about to begin. First heard in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, the ear-splitting trumpet arrangement in the track has created a mark that will forever remain in the hearts of fans.

While the Star Wars theme is undoubtedly unforgettable, there’s an equally notable, perhaps even more popular, theme in the Star Wars saga that fans will never forget – Darth Vader’s theme, a.k.a. The Imperial March.


I can still remember the daunting feeling of an oncoming evil when I first heard it on The Empire Strikes Back. Because of the menacing visual cues of The Imperial March, the theme has been widely used in several TV commercials, TV series, parodies, fan-made videos, and many others.

But have you ever wondered how the theme would sound like in a cheerful tune?

Well, Soundcloud artist Iaztozia has thought of this and decided to switch the tune of Darth Vader’s Imperial March to a major key.

Listen to it below:

The difference is crazy. It almost sounds like Darth Vader marching onto stage to receive his diploma.