HD Images of MTG Guilds of Ravnica's Masterpiece Planeswalkers

Wizards of the Coast

When the Masterpiece Planeswalker cards of the upcoming Magic: The Gathering set Guilds of Ravnica were revealed over the weekend, the quality of the images isn't the best even though their artworks look fantastic but now, you can check out the HD images of Elspeth, Daretti, Teferi, Liliana, Nicol Bolas, Ral, and Tezzeret below:

Masterpieces HD

These Masterpiece Planeswalkers look great. I would love to put that new version of Liliana, the Last Hope in my Jund Modern deck. There's a chance you can pull these cards in Guilds of Ravnica Mythic Edition booster box but not all of them will be Standard legal. Only Ral and Teferi will be Standard legal when the new set comes out.

Guilds of Ravnica will feature five guilds: Selesnya (green-white), Boros (red-white), Golgari (black-green), Izzet (blue-red), and Dimir (blue-black).

The following set, Ravnica Allegiance will feature the other five guilds: Azorius (blue-white), Rakdos (black-red), Gruul (red-green), Simic (green-blue), and Orzhov (black-white).

Guilds of Ravnica will be released on October 5. Prerelease events will take place on September 29-30.

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