30 Apr 2021 12:06 PM +00:00 UTC

HBO Max's Green Lantern Corps Show Casts its Lead Star Who Will Play Guy Gardner

Credit: DC Comics

In case you weren't aware, Warner Bros. is currently developing a Green Lantern Corps series which will stream exclusively on HBO Max. The show was first announced to be in development in 2019 but it wasn't until last year when reports confirmed that the series is pushing through. The show, as the title suggests will feature multiple Green Lanterns but other than that, we've yet to get other juicy information about the project.

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Credit: DC

Now, in a bombshell development, Deadline reports that the project has found its lead star in American Horror Story actor Finn Wittrock who will play Guy Gardner in the series. Both diehard and casual fans of the Green Lantern comics are familiar with the character who is often portrayed as a cocky alpha male. Other details about Wittrock's casting remain under wraps for now.

It's unconfirmed if the series will take place within the DC Extended Universe but it's worth mentioning that WB prevented Zack Snyder from using the Green Lantern character (specifically John Stewart) in the Snyder Cut of Justice League which may be a direct hint that the show will actually take place in the current DCEU canon.

Disney pretty much proved that streaming is the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and despite it being a huge gamble at first, it ultimately paid off. Now, it's no secret that DC is following the same formula via their expansion through HBO Max which is basically Warner Bros.' answer to Disney+. Whether or not it will be able to replicate Marvel's success remains to be seen but the future sure looks promising.

No official release date has been announced for Green Lantern Corps.

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