HBO Max Teases Green Lantern Surprise at DC FanDome

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The DC FanDome event is just right around the corner and fans are looking forward to news and updates about the upcoming DC movies, television shows, comics, and more. In addition, it seems like there's also some surprise Green Lantern content on the way!

The official schedule for DC FanDome was just released, with the official DC Twitter account using a shot of Hal Jordan from Grant Morrison and Liam Sharp's current comics series to countdown to the upcoming virtual event. However, what's raising some eyebrows is HBO Max's response.

"In brightest day, in blackest night, in nine days #DCFanDome takes flight," DC Comics wrote. "Cue me speculating wildly about what Green Lantern content we might see," the streaming platform's official Twitter account interestingly replied.


With the Justice League Snyder Cut set to release next year on HBO Max, it is possible that the Green Lantern content being referred to is the reveal of the hero being featured in the project. Adding to that speculation is Hal Jordan actor Ryan Reynolds, who "heard" that he might be in the Snyder Cut. That said, this could also refer to casting news or maybe a synopsis about the upcoming Green Lantern HBO Max series from Greg Berlanti.

Regardless of what it might be, fans are certainly excited for what's to come in the event, as August shapes up to be the month for the beloved franchise.

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