HBO Max to Remove Westworld and The Nevers

Now that it is under the ownership and management of Warner Bros. Discovery, HBO Max has been making a lot of moves in the past couple of months where they removed and canceled some of their content from the streamer due to financial reasons. Unfortunately, the purge has now also affected some of the high-profile HBO originals.

Deadline has confirmed that Westworld and The Nevers are being pulled off from HBO Max as part of a series of decisions that they're doing due to financial cuts mandated by CEO David Zaslav. However, it is not the end of the road for them as it is very likely that they will be moving to another home.

As the report indicated, Zaslav has spoken about his plans to enter the free ad-supported streaming TV service and there is a likelihood that the shows will move to that platform.

The removal of the two HBO originals from the service comes as HBO Max also recently decided to remove the shows Minx, Love Life, and The Gordita Chronicles. All of them are expected to be shopped on other networks.

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As a result of this, The Nevers has been marked as canceled by the network although they are still yet to air the second part of the first season, which may now end up on the new platform and all remaining episodes were believed to be shot already.

With Westworld, the removal from HBO Max came just a month after its cancellation. Considering that it's a high-profile project and it was one of the network's most-expensive shows, the decision was seen as a huge surprise and unexpected.

It is interesting to see if more HBO originals will get the same treatment in the coming weeks as HBO Max is undergoing its financial review. With the removal of Westworld, it is an indication that all bets are off on which content they are going to be pulled off.

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