12 Jul 2017 4:17 PM +00:00 UTC

HBO Doesn’t Think All Of The Game Of Thrones Prequels Can Happen

Sorry Game of Thrones fans, but it looks like HBO won't be able to deliver all of the four television spinoffs that it promised back in May.

With the popular fantasy epic drawing closer to its final season, everyone's eager to know what Game of Thrones spinoffs the network has in store. Unfortunately in a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, HBO president of programming, Casey Bloys reveals that though he already has "a deal for four spinoffs right now with four writers," it's likely that not all of the Game of Thrones spinoff prequels are going to get made.

"You know the odds in development. I think that is probably unlikely. I was at Touchstone during Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. They had a hit show and they aired four in a week. This show is very special. I'm not looking to have as many as possible. My sense right now is we would be very lucky if one of the four rises to the level that we have set. Now, theoretically, what if they're all great? That's a high-class problem that I'll solve when it comes to that. But knowing what we know about the development process, that's why we wanted to increase our odds. But I do not see a scenario where we have more than one. But again, high-class problem."


While fans would probably love to have four Game of Thrones spinoffs, it might be too much for the network to handle, knowing how much each series production would probably cost. Besides, four spinoffs would probably saturate the fanbase as well.

Game of Thrones season 7 makes its way to HBO on July 16 at 9 pm EST.

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