Hayao Miyazaki's Next Movie Won’t Be Promoted Ahead of Release

Hayao Miyazaki's How Do You Live? The Wind Rises Jiro
Credit: Hayao Miyazaki / Studio Ghibli / Toho Co., Ltd.

Hayao Miyazaki's How Do You Live? The Wind Rises Jiro
Credit: Hayao Miyazaki / Studio Ghibli / Toho Co., Ltd.

Hayao Miyazaki’s next film doesn’t have a trailer yet even with its release just a month away. But that’s surprisingly by design, as Studio Ghibli confirmed that Hayao Miyazaki’s How Do You Live? anime film will not get a trailer or any promotional material.

Studio Ghibli president Toshio Suzuki confirmed this recently. Specifically, Suzuki mentioned in a livestream that there are no plans for any trailer or new poster for the movie ahead of its release.

This is a bold move for any film, though given Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli’s reputation, it’s a choice that makes sense.

Hayao Miyazaki Is Finally Returning From ‘Retirement’

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To say that Hayao Miyazaki is a huge figure in the anime industry might be downplaying his accomplishments.

After all, Miyazaki is considered by many to be one of the best creative minds in Japanese anime.

Since his first feature film decades ago, Miyazaki has directed hit after hit for Studio Ghibli.

Now, his films like My Neighbor Totoro and Spirited Away are venerated classics.

Miyazaki said that he is retiring after directing The Wind Rises, an anime film that was released in 2013.

However, this didn’t prove to be true as it was revealed years later that Miyazaki is once again working on a film, and it is said to properly be his last.

His supposed new final film is How Do You Live?, which is based on a book of the same name by Genzaburo Yoshino.

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Hayao Miyazaki’s ‘How Do You Live?’ Won’t Get Any Promotions Before Release

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In late 2022, a poster for the film was shared by Ghibli, but since then, there has been no info or even any images from the movie.

Now, Ghibli president Suzuki revealed that they decided not to have any trailer for the film.

This is because he and Miyazaki believe that some movies reveal the entire story through trailers, and they wanted to avoid this.

Suzuki also mentioned that they believe this is what the audience wants, as having no idea about the film through trailers may give moviegoers a better experience.

Still, given how unprecedented this lack of marketing is, it’s surprising to see Ghibli try it out.

But if there’s any director that can draw an audience through his name alone, it’s Miyazaki.

How Do You Live? will release in Japanese cinemas on July 14, 2023. For now, there’s no word yet on an international release date.

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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