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Hawkeye’s Producer Confirms Jack Duquesne’s Future in the MCU

In Hawkeye’s Assembled: The Making of Hawkeye, producer Trinh Tran, confirms that we will see more of Jack Duquesne’s Swordsman.

In the Hawkeye series, Duquesne’s character is very mysterious because we didn’t know if he is a supporting character or a villain to Hailee Steinfield’s Kate Bishop. Duquesne is the fiance of Kate Bishop’s mother, Eleanor Bishop. Kate has been suspecting Duquesne and thinks that the swordsman is behind all the sinister that is happening to her and Barton. Until the end, it was finally revealed that Duquesne’s isn’t bad at all, and seems like we allowed him an apology for doubting him throughout the series. Towards the end, Duquesne didn’t hold a grudge for Kate, he even participated in defeating all the tracksuit mafia’s with his Swordsmanship skills.

Duquesne’s Swordsman is just a minor character in the Hawkeye series but on Marvel Comics, he even made it as a spy of the Avengers. Duquesne is a circus performer with swords and knife skills. In the comics, he is also the mentor of Clint Barton’s Hawkeye. Duquesne slightly lost his way and ended up as a spy to the Avengers, but apparently, he still ended us a hero. He genuinely joined the Avengers but apparently died in the end.

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On Disney+’s Assembled, Trinh Tran explained that they purposely made Jack Duquesne’s character mysterious and wants to add a twist to it in the end. Jack Duquesne’s history is purposely kept secret so that future MCU stories can play around his character. Train explained
“We wanted to leave his character at the end as a mystery. And that will actually allow a lot more opportunities down the line if we want to explore Swordsman in the MCU.” So it is up to future films of the MCU how they are gonna use Swordsman’s potential if they are going to continue with him as a good character or as a villain.

Although it's too early to jump to conclusions for the Swordsman’s future, Duquesne mentoring Clint Barton in the MCU seems unlikely. The ideal plan for him is that he is going to be Kate Bishop’s stepfather after she sent her mom to jail. Duquesne's only possible to come back and make an appearance if it's another Kate Bishop-focused series.

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