20 Oct 2021 4:34 PM +00:00 UTC

Hawkeye: New TV Spot Unveils Echo and Kazi's MCU Debut

Fans have been excited about the upcoming MCU series Hawkeye as it will mark the first solo adventure of Clint Barton and the debut of fan-favorite character Kate Bishop. The trailers that were shown so far gave us a hint that it will be an action-packed holiday adventure. Now, they released a new TV spot which doubled down more on its holiday theme as well as gave us our first glimpse of two new characters.

The new TV spot that aired on ABC, accompanied by the classic Christmas tune "Deck the Halls," gave us yet again another look on the series' action-packed holiday adventure showing pretty much almost the same footage from the previous trailers where we see Clint and Kate facing off different mercenaries while in the middle of the holiday season in New York. In addition, it also gave us a quick look at Echo (played by Alaqua Cox) and Kazi (played by Fra Fee), the reported villain of the series.

We don't know yet about how Kazi and Echo will factor into the story of the series and their connection to Clint Barton. If we look at the comics, both characters are associated with Kingpin so it wouldn't be surprising at least if he has something to do with the mercenaries and goons who keep on chasing Clint and Kate. Maybe when Clint was Ronin, he crossed paths with Kingpin and now he wants to take revenge. We will find out in a month if that is the case.


Everything that we saw in the trailers so far just looks promising and it looks like it will be yet again another different entry in the MCU as it will lean more towards the holiday action-comedy genre in the vein of Die Hard and Lethal Weapon. They are also marketing it as a holiday event which basically means that it will be Marvel's Christmas present for fans. It is also exciting to see Kate Bishop's debut in the MCU, who is expected to have a larger role in the franchise moving forward.

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Hawkeye is set to premiere with two episodes on Wednesday, November 24 on Disney+.