Hawkeye Star Jeremy Renner Isn't Interested in Seeing Avengers: Endgame Twice

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Credit: Marvel Studios

I think it's pretty safe to say that many of us have seen Marvel Studios' Avengers: Endgame more than once and it's even become a force of habit for some fans. One would assume that the stars involved in making the project have also seen it on multiple occasions but shockingly enough, one OG Avenger admits that he's only seen the billion-dollar blockbuster once and he doesn't have any plans of seeing it ever again.

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Credit: Marvel Studios

Hawkeye actor Jeremy Renner, who now headlines his own Marvel Cinematic Universe spinoff show on Disney+ has revealed in a new interview that the only time he got to see Endgame was during the 2019 premiere with his Marvel castmates.

Speaking with Ali Plumb of BBC Radio, the MCU veteran shared that watching it the first time around was a "difficult experience" given how emotional everyone was, including himself.

Renner said: "I saw it at the premiere, but that was just something to celebrate for all of us. We were all laughing and weeping and it was a lot to do. I’ll never watch that again, it was a difficult experience. We were all just a sobbing mess and we’re laughing. It’s amazing, we were like audience members and that was awesome to experience. I mean, that was a lovely, beautiful experience to share."

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Well, I totally get where Renner is coming from but I gotta tell you, I find it crazy how he's been able to resist the urge of reliving Avengers: Endgame, especially with Hawkeye aka Ronin having a pretty substantial role in the film. Admittedly, I've seen the film at least 10 times and I don't think I'll ever get tired of it, quite frankly.

Meanwhile, Hawkeye's first two episodes are now available for streaming exclusively on Disney+.