Hawkeye Spin-Off Series "Echo" In Early Development

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Even before the debut of the Hawkeye series on Disney+, the series may already have a spin-off in early development and it will be about Echo.

Echo will be portrayed by Alaqua Cox in the upcoming Disney+ series of Hawkeye. She is a Native American who has the ability to perfectly echo or copy the fighting style of her opponent, hence her name. Echo makes a formidable fighter given the said ability. What makes her more special is, despite her name being associated with sound, Echo is deaf.


With the incorporation of Echo, Marvel will be defying norms again and keeping up its promise to uphold proper representation, diversification, and inclusion in the Marvel Cinematic Universe like it did in the comics.

In the Marvel comics, Echo was the first-ever Ronin. Maya Lopez a.k.a. Echo is the first holder of the title and she passed it on to Clint Barton/ Hawkeye. The title of Ronin isn't new to Marvel fans especially those who follow the Marvel Cinematic Universe as it was first introduced in Avengers: Endgame where Clint went rogue after his family was blipped, Clint carried the title of Ronin.

According to Variety, the spin-off series of Echo is in the early stages of development.

With this, there could be some light shed on the days where Clint went rogue and how he was found in Japan donning the title of Ronin. With this spin-off, it could also be deduced that there are really plans for some Marvel series to have either more than one season or an extension of the series through a spin-off.


Marvel has declined to comment on Echo. There is no official release date for the spin-off series as well.

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