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Hawkeye: Rogers the Musical has a Flawed Story

Warning! This article contains spoilers for Hawkeye! Read at your own risk!

Believe it or not, the story of the canon show, Hawkeye, put more weight on the Battle of New York that a special show, a theater play, retells the events in Rogers: The Musical and as hilarious as it seems, just like how Nate, his youngest, asked why everyone was singing and dancing, the story is flawed and here is why.

Hawkeye: Rogers the Musical has a Flawed Story

Hawkeye: Rogers the Musical has a Flawed Story
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Credit: Marvel Studios
Hawkeye: Rogers the Musical has a Flawed Story

Rogers: The Musical is a theater show in the first episode of Hawkeye that shows a retell of the events of the Battle of New York when the Chitauri army attacked Earth under the command of Loki. The show aims to commemorate the heroism of Steve Rogers a.k.a. Captain America and it presupposes something of a tribute to him and what he has done for the world.


Hawkeye and his kids were there to watch it. In the middle of the show, Clint remembers Nat through the character he was watching. He even had to turn his hearing aid off to look back on the heroism of his former partner, his late best friend, who gave up her life just to have everyone back.

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The stage play highlighted each of the heroes that were there. However, there was one hero in the show that wasn’t there in the first place: Ant-Man. The original Avengers were just six and, in the play, there were seven. Even Clint Barton knew that there was a flaw in the story as he pointed out that Ant-Man wasn’t there in the battle.

The creators of the show shared that the addition of Ant-Man in the musical was nothing serious as if it was a humorous addition. Rhys Thomas has a chat with CinemaBlend about the Ant-Man being in the play, “What character would… you know, putting Ant-Man in there. That feels funny. It was just all about, again, anything that annoys Clint, that felt right.”

See Rogers: The Musical in Hawkeye Episode 1 now streaming on Disney Plus.