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Hasbro Recreates Jim Lee's Iconic X-Men #1 Cover With Action Figures

Hasbro is going all out with their Marvel Legends line of action figures. The company will have a huge presence during San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) and fans can't wait to see what other toys they show off. As a bit of a preview, they have been using their action figures to pay homage to some of Marvel's most iconic covers and few of them are more famous than Jim Lee's stunning X-Men #1 cover from back in the ‘90s.

Fans have to admit that Hasbro has done a wonderful job at recreating the character's poses for the cover. Everyone from Cyclops and Wolverine to Colossus and Rogue looks just like they should, while Magneto looks more threatening than ever. If fans ever get a hold of these figures, they will probably do the same thing Hasbro has done here; maybe even improve upon it.

Chances are, if you've been a Marvel fan for a number of years then you're familiar with Lee's iconic X-Men #1 cover. It's also pretty controversial since Marvel released several Jim Lee covers of X-Men #1, before eventually revealing a variant that connects all the covers, which is the basis for the figurine display.

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Credit: Marvel/Hasbro/IGN

Hasbro will be giving away posters of these Marvel Legends cover homages during SDCC 2019.


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