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Harry Potter Star Explains Why He Continues to Support J.K. Rowling Despite Anti-Trans Views

There is little doubt that most of the Harry Potter cast have been speaking out about J.K. Rowling after the author made her anti-trans views public. However, there is at least one actor who continues to support Rowling amidst all the controversy. Jason Isaacs has spoken out about his continued support of the writer and he gives an interesting reason why!

Jason Isaacs may be a film veteran but he is still best known for playing Lucius Malfoy in the Harry Potter movies. So why does the former Star Trek: Discovery actor choose not to say anything against J.K. Rowling all this time? Isaacs told The Telegraph that he believes the situation is a lot more complicated than it seems.

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"You know, I play complicated people, I'm interested in complicated people. I don't want to get drawn into the trans issues, talking about them, because it's such an extraordinary minefield," Isaacs said. "So for all that she has said some very controversial things, I was not going to be jumping to stab her in the front -- or back -- without a conversation with her, which I've not managed to have yet."

It's great to know that Isaacs is refusing to speak against J.K. Rowling and wants to be able to talk to her first before making a judgement. Although not everyone will agree with his approach to the subject, it is understandably a fair way to deal with the matter.

Isaacs and some of the cast members of Harry Potter was recently reunited for the 20th anniversary in the HBO Max special Return to Hogwarts. Lead trio Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint were all in attendance but one notable absence was that of J.K. Rowling's. Nevertheless, the author still appeared during the special through stock footage.

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