Harry Potter Reboot Criticized for Potentially Exploiting Child Actors

It’s official. Max has signed on a ten-year commitment deal for seven seasons of the Harry Potter reboot series with controversial author JK Rowling executive producing.

Now, apart from Potterheads clearly against the idea of a reboot, some of the fans even pointed out what it would mean for the reboot series hiring new child actors to work for seven seasons.

There are evidently a lot of things wrong with a Harry Potter reboot series, and one of them happens to be the right casting members for the titular roles. The epitome of success highly relies on it.

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Many Harry Potter fans pointed out the fact that the reboot series is none other than an excuse for Rowling to ‘soothe her ego’ all the while potentially exploiting child actors to work consistently for the next seven seasons.

Let’s not forget that the casting members for Harry, Ron, and Hermione — should Max go forward with rebooting since The Sorcerers’ Stone — would have to be around the ages of 9-10 years old.

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Not to mention, fans believe that the possibility of Rowling influencing the younger cast towards her transphobic agendas would make matters worse, ultimately leading to the failure of the show.

Other fans also voiced out their various opinions on the Harry Potter reboot series, including wanting the original actors to reprise their respective roles.

Others suggested that there are many other book series to reboot or to adapt into television. They listed: Narnia, The Black Cauldron, Earthsea, Mistborn, and many more.

It would seem that nothing is stopping the company from producing the reboot, especially since original series creator Rowling herself is on board with the whole thing.

As for whether the series becomes a success or not would highly depend on the fans’ reception. This is not at all looking good for Max or the revival of the Wizarding World.

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