Harry Potter Fans Outraged Over New Piece of Trivia from the Wizarding World

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National Trivia Day took place last week, and Pottermore decided to celebrate by sharing one piece of new trivia from the Wizarding World. What they didn't expect was the sudden backlash from the fans who thought it was information they didn't need to know.

Here's the tweet:


Apparently, not everyone wanted to know what happened to the wizarding world's ancient poops, and if you look at the comment section, it's filled with a lot of anger on why Pottermore suddenly dropped onto them some disgusting in-canon knowledge.

Personally, I don't think everyone should be having a big tiff about it. At best it's just a fun jab at humor which some people took too seriously. In fact, I think Pottermore got off easy with this one. Just imagine if they dropped news like this to the Star Wars fanbase.

For now, it looks like the Wizarding World franchise is at a low. Though a lot of people were eager to see the film, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald was not well received at all. If anything, J.K. Rowling has dug herself in some kind of fandom hole, and a lot of people are making comparisons with George Lucas and his work on the prequel films.


With a whole bunch of movies planned, I doubt the Fantastic Beasts train is going to stop anytime soon. Personally I just want to see someone else at the helm other than David Yates. I'd also be fine if they let Rowling just provide the story with someone else writing the script.

No release has been set for Fantastic Beasts 3.

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