Harley Quinn Showrunners Says Harley's Relationship with Poison Ivy Will Affect Her Criminal Activities

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We already know that the second season of Harley Quinn will feature the blossoming romance between Harley and Poison Ivy. However, it looks like the relationship will be far from perfect. Showrunners Patrick Schumaker and Justin Halpern have just revealed that Harley's criminal activities could get in the way.

Schumaker and Halpern recently spoke to Comicbook.com about Harley Quinn Season 2 and they confirmed that they made it a point to keep romance out of the first season.

"I think the ultimate goal for season one was to show Harley... what Harley would do if she were to extricate herself from the relationship with The Joker that we are all familiar with. And we just wanted to focus season one on Harley's career and Harley's rise through the ranks of Gotham's criminal underbelly. Getting, essentially, called up by the Yankees of super-villainy in the Legion of Doom and by the end of it, being on top and taking down her ex-lover, ex quote, unquote, boss," they said.


So what happens now that all that is out of the way? Schumaker and Halpern pointed out that they could finally explore the relationship between Harley and Ivy but those criminal activities aren't going to commit themselves, right?

"So with season two and Harley having shored up that element of her identity, it allowed us to explore, in season two, her relationship with Ivy and the mess that will become when she starts to have feelings for her. All the while, continuing doing what Harley is meant to do, which is crimes," they said.

This could be interesting considering that people are rooting for Harley and Ivy. Will Harley choose crime over love? We'll find out soon enough.

A new episode of Harley Quinn Season 2 airs on DC Universe every Thursday.

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