Harley Quinn Season 2's Latest Major Death Also Teased on Poison Ivy Romance

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It seems like there's a new DC comic book villain being killed in almost every new episode of Harley Quinn Season 2. However, there's a huge difference in this week's major kill. After all, it may have teased on the budding romance between Harley and Poison Ivy.

In Thawing Hearts, Harley continued to go up against the members of the Legion of Doom. This week, she faces off against Mr. Freeze who had previously kept her in a block of ice so she could be used as one of Penguin's decorations. In addition to that, Harley wants to stop Freeze from freezing more women after she learned that he has kept his wife frozen.

At first, she doesn't believe that Freeze truly loves his wife since Harley's been disillusioned by her own relationship with Joker but things change when she realizes he isn't lying.

Interestingly, Harley agrees to help Freeze find a cure for Nora Freeze's illness. Sadly, the only cure is Freeze's own blood and he immediately sacrifices himself to save Nora Freeze.


It's a surprisingly tender end for a DC villain especially because it helps Harley realize that true love still exists. But could this mean she will finally pursue her romance with Ivy although the latter is engaged to Kite Man? We may find out next week.

Harley Quinn Season 2 Episode 4 is currently streaming on DC Universe.

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